Monday, November 26, 2007

football and jesus

Holy crap what a great weekend for football!

I don't normally watch the Vols play. I don't normally root for them to win either.
For the first time in.... forever I was hoping the Vols would win the game. And what a game it was.
Four overtimes to decide the winner. Vols score, and get the two point conversion. Kentucky scores and the vols stop em, amazing game. Over 5 hours long, and it was exciting the entire game.
Then the BCS title picture changes AGAIN with LSU losing in triple overtime. A season that started out as predictable has done nothing but confuse and excite everyone, except those whose teams have fallen from grace.

Then we move on to NFL. The Thanksgiving games were all fun to watch. They each brought their own excitement, but no game to me meant more than the Bears taking on Denver at home. Denver was schooling the Bears through this game and if it weren't for the amazing "Anytime" Devin Hester, they would not have stood a chance.
After muffing the first punt sent his way and giving the ball back to Denver who went on to score, Devin later on returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown to tie the game for the Bears. Not too much later he returned a kickoff for a touchdown untouched! And somehow, someway, Wrex Grossman didn't fuck it all up, led the Bears down the field and with the tremendous help of running back Adrian Peterson, helped to take the game into overtime. A few plays later and Robbie "good as" Gould kicked the game winning field goal and kept the Bears slim playoff hopes alive.

Sunday night Philadelphia pushed the Patriots to their limit and almost knocked off the undefeated monster, but couldn't get the job done. This game showed that the Pats are not impervious, but they still are perfect. Can any team beat them? Only five more games left to find out. Greatest football weekend in a long time.

Been doing some research on the Christian deity Jesus. I've known for a long time that his mythology follows the same mythology as many other gods throughout history but I never really did any research on the subject. I found this website today that really brings up questions about the validity of Jesus's story.
This man seems to have lived and done almost everything that Jesus later did. That is right, this person did all the things that Jesus is famous for hundreds of years before the birth of the "Christ." Brings up questions in my head. I am not one to write it off as coincidence either, considering this is not the only person who seems to have lead the same life as Jesus, also hundreds and even thousands of years before Jesus was born. If it peaks your interest look up these people too:

Born of a virgin mother:


Born on December 25th:


There are plenty more, but that is just a start. Feel free to call me a heretic if you want, I belive it to be true myself.

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Mary said...

We talked about those folks in my "Perspectives on Jesus" class, it was pretty awesome... pretty much every culture in the past at some point has had their own "Jesus". We also went into depth about why the whole 'virgin' thing came up in the first place.