Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beatles record company Apple Core has decided to publish the entire Beatles back catalog on Russian mp3 site The move by Apple Core records comes as a huge surprise to the industry as Apple Core recently inked a deal with Apple Computer ending the decades long feud between them. Many had believed the deal would pave the way for iTunes to have exclusive access to the Beatles back catalog.

The record industry has greeted the news of the agreement between Apple Core and with shock and surprise. has long been viewed by the major record companies as an outlaw provider of copyrighted music files. Apple Core's choice of them as the exclusive distributor of Beatles' music is sending shock waves across the entire music industry.

"It's like the President's daughter announcing she will marry Osama Bin Laden." Says RIAA lawyer Hugh Billings. " is an outlaw organization with links to organized crime and possible terrorist groups. More importantly, doesn't pay any royalties to RIAA members for the use of their copyright materials. Giving control of the must lucrative music franchise in history is a mistake, a very big mistake."

Our sources indicate that RIAA lawyers have been dispatched to Apple Core offices to examine the legality of the deal and apply 'pressure' on Apple Core executives to rethink their decision to go with

Apple Computer refused to comment on the announcement.

Pirates UNITE!!

The Pirate Bay owners have been charged with something called "copywrite infringment"

I guess the MPAA, RIAA and other bullshit orginazations have not learned yet.
You will not stop Pirates!

I encourage all of you loyal readers to go onto their site and download as much as you can.

Dear Copywrite industries,
You can not kill us all. Strike one on the head and three more will rise in their place.
Fuck you.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let's clear up some confusion.

A few blog posts ago I ranted about the bigotry in religion. I went on and on about how I found it ridiculous for one religious sect to bash another.
I believe I was misunderstood by a few people.
Bashing on people just because they claim to be a Christian, Muslim, Budhist, Pagan, Agnostic or Atheist is just plain retarded.
At their core beliefs they all have good intentions. They all want to lead others to a path that they have found to be the truth.
My post was directed at those who automatically associate certain people of certain faiths with the faults of each of those individual faiths.

Yes, priests have sexually molestedraped little boys. But does this mean that everyone in the Catholic church wants to do this? Does this mean that ALL priests have succumbed to this atrocity? No.
Most fundies go on and on about how you are wrong, and that you will go to hell. It is interesting that their bible instructs them to not do this. Makes you wonder who is worse?
"Radical" Muslims blow themselves up and kill all those that are not Muslim. Is this the religion of Islam? No. This is another fundamental group that cannot read their own texts.
Pagans are spirit and devil worshiping evil creatures here on this earth. Really? They all seem nice to me.

Look, everyone judges everyone (another point against religion in my favor) and thinks they are correct.

When it comes down to it, I believe the main reason I gave up on believing in anything spiritual or religious is that I do not need something to look forward to after I die. I am not afraid of dying. I don't need a scapegoat.
The only thing that makes me mad is that I will miss how we continue to grow as a society. How we advance technologically, and how we finally are able to leave this planet and let it heal itself.

I need no god(s) or goddess(s) to comfort me with a false hope of an eternal life. I'd rather enjoy every moment that I have here on this Earth. I would rather experience all that I can while here, all the pain, suffering, joy, and happiness that comes with it, than to follow someone's made up morality on how to live because I may suffer consequences after death.

And you know what, even if all that is true and there is a divine creature and there is a judgment, then oh well. It would be quite a bit late at that moment to care.

I will bash no Christian for just being a Christian.
I will bash no Muslim for being a Muslim.
I will bash no Pagan for being a Pagan.
I will bash no Buddhist for being Buddhist.
No Taoist for being Taoist... etc..etc

But I will point out your flaws, debate your arguments and generally treat you like shit if and when you choose to use your beliefs in a manner that could potentially cause physical and/or mental harm.
Street Preachers with their bibles and signs calling damnation against me and all of us "unbelievers" will receive a hefty dosage of uncomfortable questions about their belief. Muslim terrorists will always be on my hit list. Anyone who points their finger in my direction and discriminates against me for my belief, or lack there of, has opened the door for my full asshole-isness upon their lives.
Go to church, temple, circle or whatever it is you do, but leave me out. I choose not to do these things out of respect for your beliefs. I am not going to convert. I am not going to find any spirituality. Instead of me wasting your time, I just won't go.
This is how it has been with me for years. I'm not going to participate to make someone happy.

Afterlife... why are we so keen on this? THIS life has been shit, why are we looking forward to something that could be better or could be a hell of a lot worse?
I'd rather it all be over with and I go peacefully into the... hopefully they will make a beer with my ashes.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Why our current orginazation is full of pieces of shit


You George Bush and the entire American government are nothing but pieces of shit.
May your karma bring you death.

Who what where when

I've decided to do my own comprehensive bible study. I'm going to start with the Holy Bible of the Judeo/Christian beliefs first. This study will be partly my own interpretation of the texts and partly my attempt at showing that the texts are merely stories about creation and tales of heroes of old. Does this mean that if you are a believer in these texts that I am trying to persuade you to change your mind? Yes and no.
I wouldn't expect anyone to change what they believe just because of my interpretation, but if you go to church on a regular basis, you are just listening to some guys/girls interpretation of the texts and choosing to believe him/her or not. I am just going to be offering my perception on the bible.
No harm
No foul.

After this (which will probably take up quite a few months of my time) I will study and do the same for the Koran. I'll decide what texts to study after this.

I am really do this to further my knowledge in all things religion. I feel that if you want to argue a topic (i.e. discuss) you need to know all about it first.
I'll keep you all posted (all 3 of you) on how it is progressing.


Saviour Machine was/is a goth/metal band that sang about the end times. This may intimidate some at first but when you give the band a listen, if you like anything in the goth/metal genre, you will fall in love with the band. The lead vocalist has a beautiful voice that has clearly had opera training. I will admit that he comes off sounding a little like Bowie but when has that been a bad thing?
The album I have upload is the first in a set of 3 albums that hold a singular theme. The retelling of Revelation through music. Released way back in 1997 this first album set the tone for the preceding albums with a full symphonic orchestra backing the band, layers upon layers of ambient music and sound, and a feeling that you are actually witnessing the events that are happening. This set of albums has been affectionately referred to as "The Unofficial Soundtrack To The End Of The World."
I will be uploaded disc two in a few days.

Friday, January 18, 2008

hippies go home, and other assorted rants

This blog will either be really shitty, or the best thing I have written in a few years.
There are a few topics I want to touch upon, and as always, I will probably end up hurting someones feelings or offending somebody. In either case, that is too bad. You can grow up, take the criticism or click the time little x in the upper right hand corner of your web browser.
I don't care if you agree with me or not.

About four years ago there was this big hoopla on the net and around the country that a change was needed. We needed a new leader to head our country because the current had driven us into the sea. Rock the Vote persuaded, advertised, and even went so far as to enlist the help of music stars to encourage young voters to get out and let their voice be heard. You could smell the winds of change in the air, and then when the election came up... A.D.D. set in and less than 50% of registered voters from 18+ voted. (I don't know where the age cutoff began, so go google it) All these protesters, college kids, and young hippies ready for change stayed home and watched the world fall apart on television.
And I see it happening again today. I hear the same shit spouted from the same mouths. I see the same college hippies (who have NOTHING in common with the original hippie movement. They stood for something and actually brought about a change. Today's "hippies" as we call them are nothing more than pot smoking college kids just waiting to graduate and become the next big entrepreneur.) spouting off the change line. Hell, even the damn politicians are jumping on the change bandwagon.
I do believe we need a change in this country, but how dumb are we to actually think that someone is going to be voted in that will bring about that change?

Am I saying that your vote is a waste? yes.
and no.
I'm pretty sure that all our votes are a waste of time before we even put them in the machine. There is a higher power controlling this company and they decide who runs for office. (don't believe me? Known people who have seen ballots tossed out for opposing candidates...and didn't Kerry win the popular vote? fucked up system we have here)
At the same time, NO your vote is not a waste. At least to yourself you would be true. If I know that a candidate doesn't stand a chance in hell of winning the election should I vote for another even though I disagree with what they stand for? Fuck you. Most people know who I am voting for this year, and yes he doesn't stand much of a chance, but when all the older voters elect in another puppet I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I did not contribute to that cause.
That brings up my next point. Until all the conservative, 40+ year old voters get out voted by the 18-30 crowd, there will never be a change. Until the youth of a generation stand up for themselves and declare "Enough is a-fucking-nuff," this country will run further and further into the sinkhole.

I know a few people who are getting "tired" of having certain candidates "shoved down their throats." Why? Would you rather your friends not give a shit about your country? Not give a shit about your civil liberties? I would find it a blessing if all my friends were as passionate about this election as my wife and few select others. I don't care WHO you vote for, just that you wake up and fucking try to make a change.
This is the first year that I have really given a shit enough to try and make a change. Maybe it's because I have a family now and am looking out for the future of my child, who knows. I used to not care and not vote. I used to bitch about the government (all sides, I didn't play favorites) but did nothing to change it. Well... if I am getting rilled up over this, that says something. I am 27 almost 28 and this is my first year registered. Whether the candidate I vote for wins or not, at least I know that I made a choice, and spoke my voice.

Enough about politics...on to religion. oh boy!

Everyone I know, they know that I no longer follow any religion, or any defined belief process. I have been guilty of in the past bashing the Christian religion (more so their followers than anything)but in general, I don't care what you believe. I don't want anyone to force their beliefs on me, because well... I have none. But even so, when I was a practicing Christian I did not go around slamming on people for not being of the same faith. Recently I have begun to detest any and all things religious. Keep in mind that religion is the following of a set of rules and definitions. This doesn't just pertain to your deity beliefs. I have seen how sects of each religion bash, judge, condemn and otherwise belittle other sects. I have watched Christians bash Muslims, Muslims bash Christians, Christians bash Pagans (catholicism anyone?), and Pagans bash Christians. Double You Tee Eff?
Oh...and atheists get it from all sides. Kind of like an invisible friends beat-down party. If this is the way you treat others beliefs, I'd rather be an atheist.
My beliefs in a nutshell? We are all energy compressed to a slow vibration. We are all connected. There is no spirit world, there are no ghosts. Energy can leave traces of itself, it can be broken down and formed into new things. I believe science is getting it right, no proofs, just theories.
Keep your judgment to yourself, I have no problem killing you... after all, there is no afterlife.

And now, to a different subject: music

If you watch Adult Swim at all, you will know who this band is. The impressive thing about them is that it is the creator of the television shows band that performs all the music on it.
Click for some really good metal

Well folks, that is all for right now. This has to be the longest rant I have had in forever.
Carry on my wayward sons.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Concerning Fags

I have changed the definition of that word. No longer does it pertain to a homosexual male. From here on out, when you hear/see me refer to a fag, fagot or fucking fag, I am referring to what most people call an emo guy.

As far as I am concerned you can do whatever the fuck you want to do in life, but when you start to dress and look more like a female than most females, you have become a fag to me. I will refer to you as a fag and I will kick your fagot ass if you confront me about it. If it sincerely bothers you, take off the fucking girl pants, remove the stupid ass makeup and grow some fucking balls.

Shit, just removing those pants might let them fuckers drop.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

music for your ears

Deny authority. The smart way. Bad Religion is the smarted punk band around and this album shows they still have it. Enjoy

The Empire Strikes First