Monday, November 12, 2007

NO NO NO! Not Grossman

So there was some interesting things happening in the world of football this weekend.
First and foremost, Ohio State lost to unranked Illinois and proved to all the critics that they were a phony team that had right to sit atop the BCS rankings. They sit in a conference that only has two teams that ever amount to anything. One being themselves and the other being Michigan (who also lost this weekend). We already know Michigan was a joke when they were blown out in week 1, it just took a little while longer for everyone to see that Ohio state is not a great team.
You would have thought that after last years National Championship game where they were handed their rear-ends by a team in a much better conference, the SEC, that those pollsters would have known better than to rank this team number 1. Well, we won't have the joy of watching another SEC team beat them up this year. LSU reclaims number 1, and it is their rightful spot.
It has indeed been a crazy year for NCAA football, and I see the next couple weeks causing even more heads to hang in shame.

This brings me to the NFL, where Peyton Manning ties an NFL record for most interceptions in a game with 6. After calling the New England game last week (I love you Tom Brady), I was known around the office to be calling Indy losing this week as well. Manning follows a pattern.
On the opposite side of the league, the Bears watched their quarterback fall to the ground and get hurt. So they put in Chicago's own hated QB Rex Grossman. And unfortunately for the rest of us, he did good and helped the Bears win the game. I hate this man with a passion after he flubbed the SuperBowl by throwing an interception late in the game that could have lead to a score by the Bears and an eventual win. He did well coming off the bench, but that is where he belongs, on the bench until possibly needed.
I was hoping that he would be gone next year. With Griese out it looks like Grossman will take the snaps again. I'm still a Bears fan but I am over this team right now. The coaching staff keeps making the same mistakes and I call it right here and now. If Grossman starts next week, the Bears will lose the game.

You read it here first!

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