Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I can feel it coming in the air tonight....

I'm covered in cat hair. How nice to get all the way to work and then notice this. This week has been one of those strange ones. Down to $20 to our names has made surviving a little interesting. Fight Club mentality reigns here. Gotta hit rock bottom before you can crawl out of the gutter. I have no complaints though, I am not the only one that is having monetary problems.
Have you ever had one of those persistent colds that just would not go away? Jesus fucking Christ (that is masturbation) I hate this deep seated cough.
I've been listening to early Floyd all week. They are conjuring up some interesting thoughts in my head. So interesting in fact that I have started to write a short story based on a serial killer.

ohhh, There is that nervous stomach again... I hate that thing. Wow do I have my plate full. I have to write something for the paper and make sure to get it done soon. All while fighting with my school. I guess that is just half a plate full.

Sold my drums for money. Plus they were a piece of crap set anyway. When I have money, I will buy my dream set and become the best drummer ever. At lease in my head.

It's funny pic time!

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_victor said...

that's a funny fucking pic. here's to poverty!