Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heroes, you disappoint me

For the first time in two seasons Heroes managed to piss me off last night.
I wasn't even pissed off at last seasons finale. It left a nice opening to continue stories into this season. I didn't bitch about how slow the story was moving along this season either, last season did the same thing. Everything was going fine until the impending writers strike. In what I can only call complete rewrites of episodes to speed this seasons early conclusion along, Heroes has taken a turn for the worse.

Toward the end of last season we had Molly talking about someone much worse than the boogyman (Sylar). This person could apparently see Molly whenever she tried to find him/her.
That storyline continued this season to much delight from myself and my wife and friend. They slapped a huge twist by making this man Parkman's father. Then how do they conclude this story arch? How do they stop this man that was supposed to be worse than Sylar? (A man who was going to blow up New York, take over Nathans role and become president and rule the country) Mr. Parkman tells little Parkman that he has the same ability as him. He can do more than read minds, he can control what people see. He is a nightmare man too. Then Bob confirms this fact and at the crucial moment.... BAM Parkman learns how to use this ability to it's fullest extent and trap his father in his own mind with these words; "You left us... I never left."


Alright fine... let's move this along and see how Peter is doing. Peter time travels to 2008 New York after a deadly virus has killed 93% of the worlds population. He learns from his mother that he must go back and save the world. He travels back to modern day Montreal and we are left waiting for the next episode. The one that everyone I know has been waiting for. 4 Months Ago. We finally get to see what happened to everyone after the explosion in the sky. All week long we are teased with commercials stating that we will find out what happened to all the Heroes in the past four months. Yesterday came, the episode started, I loved every minute of it until it ended with Peter flashing back and telling Adam, "I remember everything." Stay tuned to next week.


The only stories they show in this episode are:

1. Peter catches his brother after the explosion, gets him to a hospital and is captured by the company. He eventually meets Adam (who is Kensi) and they escape to go save Nathans life. The Haitian turns on the company by locking Peter in the storage bin and erasing his mind because he believes in Peter.

2. We see Nicki and DL and Micah all happy together. Bob tries to get Nicki to come into the company to be cured but she says she will do it on her own. She eventually manifests a new personality, runs off to LA and DL has to go save her. He does but is shot and killed in the process.

3. Allejandro is getting married. Maya doesn't like the girl. Maya walks in on the new bride screwing her old boyfriend. They try to shut Maya up and she manifests her powers for the first time and kills the entire wedding party minus Allejandro. She runs off to become a nun, her brother finds her and tries to have her taken into custody, she kills again and Allejandro reverses it for the first time. He decides they need to leave and then run off.

4. Nathan is badly burnt. He tells his wife everything. Ms. Peterelli convinces her that Nathan is suffering the same disease that his father had. That nothing he said is true and convinces her to basically leave Nathan. Meanwhile, Peter and Adam sneak into the hospital and Adam give Nathan some of his own healing power blood. Nathan begins to heal and a few scenes later Ms. Peterelli walks into the room to see a completely healed Nathan staring out the window.

That is it. 4 storylines in an hour. We are told nothing of what happened to Parkman, Molly, Mohinder, HRG and Claire or, and this pisses me off the most, Sylar.
The previews on the commercials ALL showed the blood trail leading to the sewer. Instead of them telling us what happened, we see a scene of Sylar with Allejandro and Maya driving in the car.

So now, with three episodes left, I don't know how or why Sylar was saved from dying. I don't know why Ms. Parkman left Matt. I don't know how Matt and Mohinder decided to get together as roomies. I don't know when Mohinder, Matt and HRG decided to try and take down the company. I don't know how HRG managed to relocate to another state, get a job at...wherever he did, and go under the radar. There are still so many questions that they were supposed to answer, but left wide open. I felt like I had watched The Matrix: Revolutions all over again.
With three episodes left, we get a rushed storyline concluding the virus story and the season. We have to wait who knows how long for a new season after the writers finally go back to work. And when we get to that season, will it be full of action, suspence, suprises and awesome heroes... or will this show be doomed now because of the timing of this strike. If last nights episode is any indicator.... then my TV viewing days are short lived.

But for now, enjoy this funny spoof on a metalcore band called Norma Jean.

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