Monday, December 3, 2007

No more television for me

Well tonight is the last episode of Heroes this season because of the writers strike. The broadcasting stations don't seem to want to budge in this matter and feel they hold all the cards.
They will hold out and play repeats, sports and tv movies until their hearts are content.

Well if they won't listen to the demands of the people who write the shows that they made their money off of, maybe they will listen to the people who watch the shows to give them that money.

Starting tomorrow I am boycotting network television. I am boycotting any agency that advertises with these companies. I am boycotting the film industry.
In fact, I will DOWNLOAD every new release movie I can. I will be writing letters to these stations letting them know that I will no longer stand for their imperialistic tactics. I am asking all of you reading this to help out and boycott them as well. You can live without television for a short while. You still have the internet, video games and *gasp* outside that can keep you interested.

So hear me now NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and all other Hollywood studios..... we fans will no longer support your lack of support and compensation for the people who make your shows, and bring in the cash for you.

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