Monday, January 21, 2008

Who what where when

I've decided to do my own comprehensive bible study. I'm going to start with the Holy Bible of the Judeo/Christian beliefs first. This study will be partly my own interpretation of the texts and partly my attempt at showing that the texts are merely stories about creation and tales of heroes of old. Does this mean that if you are a believer in these texts that I am trying to persuade you to change your mind? Yes and no.
I wouldn't expect anyone to change what they believe just because of my interpretation, but if you go to church on a regular basis, you are just listening to some guys/girls interpretation of the texts and choosing to believe him/her or not. I am just going to be offering my perception on the bible.
No harm
No foul.

After this (which will probably take up quite a few months of my time) I will study and do the same for the Koran. I'll decide what texts to study after this.

I am really do this to further my knowledge in all things religion. I feel that if you want to argue a topic (i.e. discuss) you need to know all about it first.
I'll keep you all posted (all 3 of you) on how it is progressing.


Saviour Machine was/is a goth/metal band that sang about the end times. This may intimidate some at first but when you give the band a listen, if you like anything in the goth/metal genre, you will fall in love with the band. The lead vocalist has a beautiful voice that has clearly had opera training. I will admit that he comes off sounding a little like Bowie but when has that been a bad thing?
The album I have upload is the first in a set of 3 albums that hold a singular theme. The retelling of Revelation through music. Released way back in 1997 this first album set the tone for the preceding albums with a full symphonic orchestra backing the band, layers upon layers of ambient music and sound, and a feeling that you are actually witnessing the events that are happening. This set of albums has been affectionately referred to as "The Unofficial Soundtrack To The End Of The World."
I will be uploaded disc two in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a fantastic idea! Please do keep us posted on how it's going, I'd love to read your thoughts.