Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let's clear up some confusion.

A few blog posts ago I ranted about the bigotry in religion. I went on and on about how I found it ridiculous for one religious sect to bash another.
I believe I was misunderstood by a few people.
Bashing on people just because they claim to be a Christian, Muslim, Budhist, Pagan, Agnostic or Atheist is just plain retarded.
At their core beliefs they all have good intentions. They all want to lead others to a path that they have found to be the truth.
My post was directed at those who automatically associate certain people of certain faiths with the faults of each of those individual faiths.

Yes, priests have sexually molestedraped little boys. But does this mean that everyone in the Catholic church wants to do this? Does this mean that ALL priests have succumbed to this atrocity? No.
Most fundies go on and on about how you are wrong, and that you will go to hell. It is interesting that their bible instructs them to not do this. Makes you wonder who is worse?
"Radical" Muslims blow themselves up and kill all those that are not Muslim. Is this the religion of Islam? No. This is another fundamental group that cannot read their own texts.
Pagans are spirit and devil worshiping evil creatures here on this earth. Really? They all seem nice to me.

Look, everyone judges everyone (another point against religion in my favor) and thinks they are correct.

When it comes down to it, I believe the main reason I gave up on believing in anything spiritual or religious is that I do not need something to look forward to after I die. I am not afraid of dying. I don't need a scapegoat.
The only thing that makes me mad is that I will miss how we continue to grow as a society. How we advance technologically, and how we finally are able to leave this planet and let it heal itself.

I need no god(s) or goddess(s) to comfort me with a false hope of an eternal life. I'd rather enjoy every moment that I have here on this Earth. I would rather experience all that I can while here, all the pain, suffering, joy, and happiness that comes with it, than to follow someone's made up morality on how to live because I may suffer consequences after death.

And you know what, even if all that is true and there is a divine creature and there is a judgment, then oh well. It would be quite a bit late at that moment to care.

I will bash no Christian for just being a Christian.
I will bash no Muslim for being a Muslim.
I will bash no Pagan for being a Pagan.
I will bash no Buddhist for being Buddhist.
No Taoist for being Taoist... etc..etc

But I will point out your flaws, debate your arguments and generally treat you like shit if and when you choose to use your beliefs in a manner that could potentially cause physical and/or mental harm.
Street Preachers with their bibles and signs calling damnation against me and all of us "unbelievers" will receive a hefty dosage of uncomfortable questions about their belief. Muslim terrorists will always be on my hit list. Anyone who points their finger in my direction and discriminates against me for my belief, or lack there of, has opened the door for my full asshole-isness upon their lives.
Go to church, temple, circle or whatever it is you do, but leave me out. I choose not to do these things out of respect for your beliefs. I am not going to convert. I am not going to find any spirituality. Instead of me wasting your time, I just won't go.
This is how it has been with me for years. I'm not going to participate to make someone happy.

Afterlife... why are we so keen on this? THIS life has been shit, why are we looking forward to something that could be better or could be a hell of a lot worse?
I'd rather it all be over with and I go peacefully into the... hopefully they will make a beer with my ashes.

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