Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drinkin wiskey....

So, I went and saw possibly the best show in years. Packed it up and drove the whole 5 minute drive down to BlueCats and saw the son of a son-of-a-bitch, Hank III.

It was real country music. None of that pop crap you here on the damn radio stations.
The wife and I both went to the show and decided to stop at the bar first for a few pints.
Alcohol in the system we headed across the street and handed over our tickets, got stamped and wandered into the fray. Smoking bans just put into effect and I could actually breath AND see in Blue Cats.

All our friends (all two of them) were standing outside so we wandered over to them and began the light banter that friends partake in. Football, hockey, baseball talk was in full effect. Bears vs. Packers was just beginning and Hooligan had an internet ready phone. Go Bears.
We stood outside for the first band, not really interested. Hank came on and we wandered up to the balcony and began the fun. After I went and bought a drink for the wife and I, the show began.
Hank worked the crowd fully. Everyone was singing along, raising glasses and having a good time. After about an hour Hank shifted into hellbilly mode and that is when the real fun began. Watching people mosh from over head is a pretty unique experience. oh Bears only down 17-7... go Bears!

I'll stop boring you know. Assjack came on, we went downstairs and the drunk wife went and played in the pit. oh yeah... and the Bears won! 27-20. GO BEARS!

Great night, great music, good booze, good friends.... good god, something went good.

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Jean said...

YAY for a good time!!