Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can I bitch for a few minutes?

So, Arnold Schwartzendumbass heard the complaints of some fags and lesboz and decided that the terms mother and father should become illegalized. Don't believe me? Here is a post from

"The governor's handling of eight bills advocated by the gay rights lobby is also instructive. He vetoed their top priority, a measure to allow gay marriage, saying that a voter-imposed ban on same-sex unions could be overturned only by another vote of the people or by a court order. But he signed the seven other bills, including measures making it easier for domestic partners to change their names and file joint tax returns, and two measures aimed at fighting discrimination against gays and transgender individuals in government and schools.

One of those measures was the top veto target of a Christian conservative group, the Capitol Resource Institute, which claims that the bill could lead to a ban on the words "mom" and "dad" in school textbooks and give teenage boys who are unsure of their gender access to girls' locker rooms. The group is threatening to mount a referendum to place a measure on the ballot that would block the new law from taking effect."

DANIEL WEINTRAUB: Walking the line of mainstream California

I can just see it now. Some smart highschool kid pretending to be gay so he can shower with the girls, or vice versa.
This is borderline re-fucking-diculous.

Next topic. Changing the names of holidays just because some religious or non-religious nut job with nothing better to do suddenly becomes "offended" by these days. Halloween is offensive, let's change it to Black and Orange Festival! Christmas is tooooo christiany; how about Winterfest!
America, home of the pussy, land of the crybaby. It's no wonder no one likes us. If you don't like Halloween, don't participate! Are the jews bitching about Christmas? NO
What happened to people saying that word? NO. No, I will not change something because it offends you, fuck off. No, we will not stop referring to parents as mother and father. I don't care if you have two dads, call them both your father.

This whole bathroom thing though.... I could go for that.

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